Different Voices

Work is most often a shared experience. Understanding the perspectives, needs, and desires of our peers helps us to develop empathy while anticipating challenges or opportunities for collaboration.

These nine different personas represent a cross-section of voices and stories uncovered in our Living Lab. Each stakeholder represents a collection of viewpoints and life stories that teach us about the impact of the global pandemic, and the realities of hybrid work for different individuals.


For many of us, these personas only represent a part of our work experience, and it’s highly likely that we may embody several different characteristics at the same time, or at different stages in a typical day or work week.

The Digital Nomad

I work from a variety of office and remote locations.

The High Performer

I'm overworked and approaching burnout.

The Office Advocate

Can everyone try to come back now?

The OG Remote Colleague

Now everyone has empathy for remote work.

The Status Quo Keeper

The pandemic didn't change the way I work.

The New Team Member

I've never ever been to the office.

​ The Frustrated Networker

I miss human interaction & creative crashes at work.

The Productivity Seeker

Home office is where I do my best work.

The Perplexed Manager

All my people want different things.

How to use these profiles

Help better understand the different needs and concerns of your team members. To get started:

Send this webpage to your team in advance of your next meeting.

Walk through each profile and ask the group to identify one team member (it can be themselves) that best matches that profile. Utilize chat in a virtual or hybrid meeting to make your selections.

Continue the discussion with some follow-up questions (see below).

How many people found they relate to a blend of these profiles?

Why do you fit into the persona you selected for yourself?

What was a biggest surprise?

How might we change the way we communicate (or gather) based on different people’s profiles?

What are your biggest concerns as we continue to work in a hybrid environment?

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